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8 Flavour Sample Pack:

HEAVENLY (Original Signature Blend)
AMERICO (American Style Jerky)
SMOKIE DOKIE (Smoke Jerky)
GARLIC (With Extra Garlic)
TERIYAKI (With added 5 Spice) 
BOURBON (Honey Bourbon)
TANDOORI (Authentic Tandoori)
YUM RUM (Dark Rum Jerky)

12 Flavour Sample Pack:

The above 8 Flavours PLUS our HOT Flavours:

ALIEN – (Coriander & Green Chilli) – Medium
PERI PERI (Portuguese Spices) – Hot
FIRE BREATHER (Bhut Jolokia Chilli) – Super Hot
INFERNO (Scorpion Chilli) – Deadly Hot

This is fantastic value for only $9.95 which includes FREE shipping.
This is a CRAZY offer. To be 100% honest it costs us close to this to make and ship this item to you.

We are that confident that you will love Heavenly Jerky that we are willing to bring you this special offer.

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