Jerky Club Subscription

Coming Soon…
If you like to be part of or exclusive early testers please email and we can send you info. Free Bags and more 🙂

NOTE: Subscriptions are in addition to the One time (normal purchase), they are 100% optional. So like normal you can make a once off purchase, this has not changed.

We now have optional Automatic Subscriptions on our 4 Pack, 6 Pack and 10 Packs which give you an EXTRA Bags of Jerky for FREE (depending on pack) & Guarantee best price & specials, e.g. You will always get the best deal.

To make a normal purchase just choose “One time (normal purchase)” on the product page. This is a once off purchase like you would normally make.

What does this mean:
The price is the same as a normal One Time purchase, but you get EXTRA for FREE simply for subscribing to purchase the same pack Every month or Every 2 weeks

Guarantee best price & specials:
This means that you may actually get MORE than just your Free Bag/s of Jerky. For example if we run a special in any month that gives away MORE then what would normally be part of your Subscription Pack, will AUTOMATICALLY upgrade you to that better deal. You do NOTHING and we will always upgrade you to the best special we have run in the past 30 days.

If you have any questions please give us a call on 08 8120 1234 or email and we will reply ASAP.

Questions / Answers: (email or call above with any questions)

Can I change my flavours each month?
Yes you can change, just email and we will change to anything you want.

Free Bags / Can you choose?
Most of the time YES just let us know your preferred flavour or 2 and we can make it happen.

Please note: Subscriptions are via Card Payment (Stripe etc) at the moment PayPal payment option coming soon.